A Beginning of New Experience BANDIO

Production / Quality

  • Clean rooms equipment for
    customer-oriented services

    The production of culture media starts at the sterilization room and it
    is maintained as a clean room. With 10 sets of equipment from 10L to
    350L, it enables us to develop new products in demand both for small
    batch and mass production.

  • The Nation’s largest 8 Channel
    System and GMP Process and Facility

    Our automated production system, composed of 8 channel, 6 channel, 5
    channel and low volume pouring machine, operated in a 10,000 class clean
    room, can supply various products, such as 90mm Plate, 100mm Plate, BI-Plate,
    TRI-plate and liquid media efficiently.

  • Quality control system for
    the best quality

    BANDIO is operated under the strict Quality Management System accredited
    with KGMP and ISO 13485, as performing an environment monitoring,
    process water monitoring and fumigation sterilization in order to supply the
    best quality products.

    안정성- 최적의 품질 수준, 적합성- 고객의 니즈에 부합하는 제품개발, 합리성- 경쟁력 있는 가격